OCCA continues the Donantions for Novel Coronvirus Outbreak in Wuhan
New York Orange County Chinese Association Wuhan Epidemic Donation Update Report 26Jan2020: Donate masks of $1000 in value to epidemic area and continue donating activities

    The development of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan and the safety of the residents of Wuhan have always affected the hearts of our overseas Chinese. The OCCA Orange County Chinese Association officially launched donation activities, at the Spring Festival Gala January 25th. OCCA received more than 700 US dollars in donations!

    OCCA member Dr. Jinlin Du, a physician from Wuhan who is currently practicing in the United States, is assisting the association in purchasing medical masks ($ 1000) that are urgently needed in the epidemic area, and contacting Wuhan medical and health institutions to discuss donation of masks.

    Because of the tight schedule of the OCCA Spring Festival Gala yesterday, many members and friends have time to donate in the future. Therefore, OCCA decided to extend this donation activity by one week. There are also members who are interested in fundraising, please contact President OCCA Wu Kangjian before January 31 next Friday. President Wu's telephone number: 845-282-3635. Thank you!
《OCCA 纽约橙郡华人协会武汉疫情捐赠最新报告26Jan2020: 捐送疫区$1000口罩,并继续捐赠活动”》
    武汉市新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情的发展,以及武汉市市民们的安危,一直牵动着我们身在海外的侨胞们的心. OCCA橙郡华人协会已于昨天(元月二十五日))正式启动捐款/捐物的活动,在昨天的春晚现场,OCCA收到了700多美金的善款!
    来自武汉, 现在美国行医的OCCA杜金林会长,正在协助协会购买疫区急需的医用口罩($1000), 并联系武汉市医疗卫生机构协商捐赠口罩的相关事宜。
    因昨天的OCCA春晚法动时间紧凑,还有不少会员朋友未来得及捐赠. 因此,OCCA决定将这次捐赠活动延长一周。 还有意募捐的会员请您于下周五一月三十一日之前与OCCA 吴康健会长联系。吴会长的联系电话: 845-282-3635.谢谢!二月五日更新: The 6 cases of 1800 surgical face masks were air-mailed to Wuhan University Tongren Hospital on 01Feb 7000 pairs of medical gloves, 10000 medical head covers, 12000 shoe covers have been received and will be packed up this evening, delivered to Flushing NY this Thursday, and then air-mailed to Wuhan University Zhongnan Hospital this week. OCCA would like to appreciate numerous volunteers and donors. We can not complete this unbelievable successful fundraising activity if without all our members /friends' support / commitment / kindness. Be strong Wuhan 武汉加油 !!!
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