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About Us

Orange County Chinese Association (OCCA) is a non-profit organization. OCCA mission is to provide cultural, educational, and other instrumental programs to promote the cultural heritage and enhance the quality of life in our community. This is being carried out through OCCA’s community activity programs and by its subsidiary Orange County Chinese School (OCCS). OCCA belongs to everyone, to its members and friends, and to those who love Chinese culture and are interested in learning Chinese. 


橙县华人协会 (OCCA) 是一个非营利组织。 OCCA 的使命是提供文化、教育和其他音樂活動,以促进文化传承并提高豐富我们社区的生活。这是通过 OCCA 的社区活动節目和其分部 Orange County Chinese School (OCCS) 中文學校携手进行的。 OCCA 属于每一个人,属于它的会员和朋友,属于所有热爱中国文化和有兴趣学习中文的人。

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